#9 - Matthew Freeman, Muggle Husband and Magical Playwright

Matthew Freeman is a playwright and director whose work is often steeped in surreal and magical imagery. He has written numerous plays including That Which Isn't, When Is A Clock, and The Listeners. He’s a MacDowell Colony Fellow and a current resident playwright at New Dramatists. He also happens to be Pam’s husband. On this episode, he discusses being in spiritually mixed marriage, crafting a love ritual, and the relationship between theatre and magic.  

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#8 - Anna Biller, Filmmaker of "The Love Witch"

Anna Biller is the acclaimed filmmaker of The Love Witch, a breathtaking, prismatic horror film about a femme fatale whose love magic goes terribly awry. A true auteur, Biller is responsible for virtually every aspect of its creation, from the script and direction to its costumes, sets, and score. In this episode, she discusses the spell craft of movies, her devotion to classic cinematic techniques, and why it's crucial to unfurl the feminine imagination on the silver screen.

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#7 - Katy Horan, Painter of Witches

Katy Horan is a painter of witches who has a penchant for intricate patterns, costumed creatures, and imaginary rituals. She's also the illustrator of the book Literary Witches: A Celebration of Magical Women Writers (Seal Press). In this episode, she talks about woodland lady magic, the importance of crones, and why female writers are their own sort of sorceresses. 

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#6 - Tamara Santibañez, Tattoo Conjurer

Tamara Santibañez is a tattoo artist who believes that the language of symbols can help people heal and reveal. She draws from the iconography of fetish, punk, and Chicanx art, and brings outcasts and otherworlds into the spotlight. In this episode, she discusses tattooing as spell craft, invoking Santa Muerte, and making magic in the margins. 

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#5 - Lindsay Mack, Tarot Empress

Lindsay Mack is the founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul and Wild Soul Healing. As a tarot expert and intuitive counselor, she uses the power of the cards as medicine to help her clients heal and evolve. In this episode, she discusses ways to use tarot to move through trauma, listening to spirit guides, and the importance of getting one's hands dirty when doing divine work.

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#3 - Shannon Taggart, Photographer of Phantoms

Shannon Taggart photographs ghosts and the mediums who communicate with them. In this episode, she discusses phantoms, photography, and why she's collaborating with original Ghostbuster, Dan Aykroyd. Shannon's forthcoming book, SÉANCE: Spiritualist Ritual and the Search for Ectoplasm, is currently being crowdfunded on Unbound.com.

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